Japanese Service Apartments, Guest Houses in Gurgaon

Japanese Service Apartments and Guest Houses in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, a bustling hub of commerce and culture, has become a preferred destination for international travelers, including a significant number of Japanese expatriates and business professionals. To cater to their specific needs, the city offers a range of Japanese service apartments and guest houses that provide a blend of comfort, convenience, and cultural familiarity.

Japanese Service Apartments in Gurgaon

Features and Amenities:

1. Cultural Integration: These apartments are designed with Japanese aesthetics and sensibilities in mind, featuring traditional decor, tatami mats, and futons to provide a home-like atmosphere.

2. Fully Furnished: Equipped with modern furniture and appliances, these apartments ensure a hassle-free living experience. Kitchens are often stocked with Japanese cooking utensils and appliances such as rice cookers.

3. Housekeeping Services: Regular cleaning and maintenance services are included, ensuring the apartments are always in pristine condition.

4. Amenities: Many apartments offer amenities such as Japanese-style baths, high-speed internet, laundry services, and concierge services.

5. Location: Strategically located in areas with easy access to business districts, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs, ensuring convenience for both work and leisure.

6. Community Support: Some service apartments provide community support services such as language assistance, cultural exchange programs, and local orientation to help Japanese residents adapt to their new environment.

Popular Japanese Service Apartment Providers in Gurgaon:

– Sakura Apartments
– Tokyo Service Apartments
– Nihon Stay
– Gurgaon Nihon Apartments
– R Tokyo Apartments

Japanese Guest Houses in Gurgaon

Features and Amenities:

1. Traditional and Modern Blends: These guest houses combine traditional Japanese elements with modern comforts, offering a unique and cozy living environment.

2. Short-term and Long-term Stays: Catering to both short-term visitors and long-term residents, these guest houses offer flexible accommodation options.

3. Japanese Cuisine: Many guest houses provide Japanese meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared by skilled chefs, ensuring guests can enjoy familiar food.

4. Hospitality Services: Known for their exceptional hospitality, these guest houses offer personalized services such as transportation arrangements, sightseeing tours, and cultural activities.

5. Peaceful Environment: Typically located in serene neighborhoods, these guest houses provide a quiet and peaceful living space, ideal for relaxation after a busy day.

6. Connectivity: Conveniently situated with easy access to public transportation, making it simple for guests to commute to work or explore the city.


  • Adress: Japanese Service Apartments, Guest Houses in Gurgaon
  • Appt Size: 3000
  • Bed : 3
  • Bath: 3
  • Toilet: 3


14B, The Room, Sector-48, Near Subhash Chowk, Central Park 2, Gurugram, Gurugram, Haryana, 122018,122018,Haryana,India

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